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The Saanich Peninsula stretches gracefully to the northeast of Victoria, offering a captivating landscape that was historically dominated by agriculture. With its picturesque pastures, undulating hills, and surrounded by water, this region has earned the apt nickname of “Vancouver Island’s version of Provence.”

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Location of Saanich

Nestled on the Saanich peninsula, you’ll find charming towns such as Brentwood Bay, Saanichton, Cordova Bay, and more. Renowned for its inviting boutiques and delightful eateries, all contributing to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this captivating destination.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:

1. Natural beauty

Surrounded by lush landscapes, parks, and picturesque coastal areas, the region offers breathtaking scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities.

1. limited transportation

The public transportation system, while improving, may not be as extensive as in larger urban areas with only a public bus system.

2. diverse communities

Saanich is home to diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character, catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

2. Car dependent

Because of Saanich’s sprawl, you will likely be car dependent as local amenities will not be within walking distance.

3. Local Food Scene

Saanich boasts a thriving local food culture, with farmers’ markets and farm-to-table restaurants offering fresh, delicious options.

3. Traffic if commuting

During peak times, traffic congestion on main routes into Victoria can be a challenge for commuters.

4. more space

Most neighbourhoods in Saanich offer larger lots and more space between neighbours.

4. Limited nightlife

 Limited options for nightlife and entertainment, especially for those who prefer a vibrant nightlife scene.

5. Community amenities

Saanich is home to many great community center’s offering programming and activities for the whole family.

5. island living

One downfall of Vancouver Island is accessibility to the mainland. BC ferries runs multiple routes and there are options of air travel. This can sometimes cause problems when sea or air travel is cancelled/delayed.

Home Styles In Saanich

These home styles not only offer comfortable living but also complement the natural surroundings and landscape of Saanich, making them popular choices among residents in the area.


West-Coast Contemporary

This style is characterized by clean lines, large windows to maximize natural light and views of the surrounding landscapes, and often incorporates natural materials like wood and stone. Many West Coast Contemporary homes in Saanich take advantage of their natural surroundings, featuring outdoor living spaces and unique architectural designs.



Craftsman-style homes are known for their attention to detail, handcrafted elements, and warm, inviting interiors. They often feature exposed beams, built-in furniture, and intricate woodwork. Craftsman homes in Saanich blend seamlessly with the region’s natural beauty.


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern homes are appreciated for their minimalist design, open floor plans, and integration with nature. They typically have flat planes, large windows, and flat or slightly sloping roofs. Saanich has its share of mid-century modern homes, which appeal to those who appreciate a timeless and elegant aesthetic.


Victoria offers a range of schools with some schools offering French Immersion if that is something you are looking for. For a comprehensive list, click here.

Places of Interest

Here are the top 5 places of interest in Saanich that make it a truly special place to explore and call home.

Located in Brentwood Bay, Butchart Gardens is a world-renowned floral paradise. These beautifully manicured gardens feature stunning displays of flowers, plants, and themed gardens, making it a must-visit destination.

This park features a network of hiking trails, including some that lead to the summit with panoramic views of Saanich, Victoria, and the surrounding Gulf Islands. It’s a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts, picnicking, and wildlife viewing.

Explore local wineries such as Church & State Wines, Muse Winery, and Sea Cider, where residents can enjoy tastings and events.

A popular spot for boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking, with beautiful lakeside trails and a family friendly beach.

Offers a serene coastal escape with sandy shores, tidal flats, and picturesque views of the Gulf Islands.

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