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Guiding you through the process of selling your property is a journey I undertake with unwavering dedication. I am passionate about showcasing the unique value of your home, crafting compelling listings, and ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way. Witnessing your property transform from a listing to a sold home is a gratifying experience that motivates me to deliver exceptional service and unparalleled results. Your trust drives my commitment, and together, we’ll make your selling experience smooth, successful, and ultimately rewarding.

“It was such a joy to work with Tessa! Her market knowledge, swift responses, and willingness to help me fully understand the selling process was unparalleled.”

-Emma Horsfield

how it works


Initial Meeting

Meet with your agent to discuss your goals and timeline.

We will walk through your property and I will provide you with market information and a value estimate.


I will make some recommendations on what to do to prepare your home. This always includes a deep clean and decluttering.

Professional media will be done according to your personalized marketing plan.


Decide on a strategic price and marketing plan.

Advertise and get the word out there!

Show it

Show the property to prospective buyers and host open houses (optional) to generate interest.

Negotiate offers to maximize your value and get under contract.

Sell it

Allow access for inspections and an appraisal (if needed).

Once conditions are removed, remain patient until closing.

Your home is officially sold!

5 Ways To Declutter Faster When Selling in Happyville, USA

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Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

Thinking about selling your property? Do you want to know what the current market value is of your home to help make a decision? Fill in the information to the right to give me an idea of the condition of your property. I will follow up to confirm some additional details and then get back to you ASAP with an estimated value.

As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns don’t hesitate to put them in your message so I can get back to you with an answer.

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Have Questions About Selling?

Check out our FAQs for selling real estate on Vancouver Island.

The length of time on market will depend upon the market in your area at the time of listing, how well the home is presented, and most importantly, the price. I am always working to get you the highest price in the shortest time possible. If you need to sell fast, that should be reflected in the list price.

In general, I can get a listing up and running in about 2 weeks after we meet initially. 

If you would like to know the average days on market for your type of property, reach out and I’m happy to share that data with you!

It’s smart to disclose any issues up front. Your buyers will have the right to inspect the home, so it’s best they not be hit with bad news after going under contract. If you know of problems with the appliances, plumbing, electric, HVAC, roof, foundation, property lines, or title, these need to be listed on the Property Disclosure Statement. If there are repairs that you can do before listing, go ahead and take care of those. Anything that cannot be remedied before listing should be considered when setting your list price.

It sometimes happens that a home does not appraise at or above the contract price. When this happens, we go back to negotiations to determine if we can save the deal by adjusting both the sales price and the terms of the contract to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller. Usually we are able to work it out and save the deal. You always have the right to refuse to lower the price to meet the appraisal, but it’s usually in your best interest to try to work with the buyer to resolve the issue as the next appraisal could result in the same valuation. If you are concerned about the appraisal value, go ahead and have your home appraised before setting the listing price.

A multiple-offer scenario is a fun position to be in as a seller. I will help you through the negotiation process to select the right buyer– and that is not always the one with the highest offer. We need to consider how strong the offer is, whether they are offering cash or financing, how much they are financing and what type of loan they are using. How much they are offering to put in as a deposit and the terms of the inspection process are indications of their commitment to the deal. You may also draw on sentiment: are they buying your home as an investment or a place to raise their family? 

If there are two close offers, I will go back to the agents to see if either would like to resubmit. This could help get even more favourable terms and conditions.

Selling a tenanted property can come with challenges and the process is slightly different than selling an owner occupied or vacant property.


Some items to consider when selling a tenanted property:

  • Notice is required when entering the property whether that be for photos, floorplan, viewings or property inspections
  • Depending on the tenant relationship, you may not have choice in presentation of your home or cleanliness for showings
  • Tenants have the right to be present and at home during viewings and may discuss the property with potential buyers
  • An offer may come in subject to seller giving the tenants notice as required by the residential tenancy act


I have experience selling tenanted properties and every sale is different depending on the property itself, the terms or the lease agreement and the relationship the seller has with the tenants. Once I get a good understanding of the tenants at your property, we will come up with a plan of action to be successful in the sale and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

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